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DREAMGIRLS, Dallas Theater Center*


"Alexis Sims, as Deena Jones, is spectacular."

-- Seniorific.com

"Alexis Sims (as Deena Jones AKA Diana Ross) is physically one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the Wyly Theatre stage. What is even more amazing is how she physically transforms from a shy girl into a superstar all within her acting craft... it is her acting choices, facial expressions, and subtext that makes her performance a major highlight of the entire production... Sims has a dynamic, splendid singing voice that made each of her musical numbers become theatrical magic all evening long."

-- The Column

"Alexis Sims embodies the delicate diva Deena Jones, quietly taking her from wide-eyed ingenue to seasoned, calculated performer without a misstep.”

-- Theatre Jones

"Alexis Sims' Deena is a standout vocally."

-- Katy Trail Weekly

"Sims is the definition of wide-eyed innocence at the start (she has to obtain her mother's permission to go on tour), but later nails Deena's carefully crafted confidence with a deep vein of restlessness" -- CULTUREMAP DALLAS

*2016 Broadway World Dallas Best Actress in a Musical Award Winner



GIRL SHAKES LOOSE, Penumbra Theatre, MN **


"Alexis Sims (new to the Twin Cities) is a star in the role of the girl."

-- Cherry and Spoon

"The show requires a bold, sensitive lead who can sing with fervor and feeling up and down a big melodic and dynamic range. This production found her in Alexis Sims, who almost never leaves stage for the 2½ hour show."

-- Broadway World 

"The Girl is an intensely demanding role for Sims, who follows Sanford Moore’s hidden band capably from funk to gospel to balladry. She glows with both intelligence and sensuality, two qualities that are often signaled but rarely embodied in musical theater. Girl Shakes Loose draws you in, first with sheer charm and then with its patient exploration of a complex character at a pivotal point on her journey. It’s a rare, and moving, experience." 

-- City Pages

"The trip is led by Alexis Sims who is masterful as Girl... Sims has a glorious voice that is a little Mariah, a little Michael and a little Carmen, and her wide range and approachable demeanor absolutely reels you into Girl's dysfunctional world." 

-- Compendium Minneapolis

"Sims, not before been seen on Twin Cities' stages, is a charismatic actor who projects both strength and vulnerability. Her beautiful, throaty voice conveys a range of emotions... Even if Girl Breaks Loose did not have a great deal else going for it, it would be worth seeing to make Ms. Sims' acquaintance."

-- Talkin' Broadway

PC:  DREAMGIRLS, Dallas Theater Center

"Borrowing from gospel, R&B and rock, “Girl Shakes Loose” has several catchy songs...Sims is involved in almost all of them and her humor and intelligence help make the immature Girl likable...By the end of the show, Sims convinces us that Girl — back in San Francisco with a few life lessons under her belt — is ready not just to shake loose, but to shake things up." 

-- TwinCities.com

"As played by Alexis Sims, GIRL is quite sympathetic… She has an egging spark of energy, and her voice is, quite simply, exceptional." 

-- Minnesota Theater Love

"The show is nearly flawlessly performed...Alexis Sims, a mezzo-soprano with a wide range and great stamina, brings as much charm to the role of GIRL that anyone possibly could." 

-- HowWasTheShow.com

**World Premiere

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PC: MATILDA, Northern Stage


PC: Dirty Sugar Photography

MATILDA, Northern Stage, VT


“Her teacher turns out to be Miss Honey, every child’s dream, (astutely and charmingly played by Alexis Sims).”

-- The Vermont Standard

“Alexis Sims gives us a Honey who has a voice like nectar.”

-- The Herald of Randolph

“The only really dimensional character, Miss Honey, Matilda’s loving teacher, was given an endearing portrayal of depth by Alexis Sims.”

-- The Rutland Herald

 The Dreams.: Kristen White, Marisha Wallace, and Alexis Sims celebrate at DTC's opening night party for DREAMGIRLS

THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, Tuacahn Amphitheater, UT 


“Alexis Sims as Tzipporah is strong and loving, making Moses a perfect match of a different kind.”

-- Broadway World

“Sims immediately wins over the audience with her feisty dancing, and she portrays a spunky Tzipporah without coming across as overly proud.”

-- Front Row Reviewers

"Alexis Sims (Tzipporah) and Santina Umbach (Nefertari) have smaller roles but bring a moving majesty to their characters and songs." 

-- St. George News

PRINCE OF EGYPT, Tuacahn Amphitheatre

PC: THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, Tuacahn Amphitheater